A bit About us

MY YONI SAUNA was founded where a mother and a daughter - at the opposite ends of the world - shared a passion to be the ISUMATAQ (keepers of the sacred space where wisdom is revealed) to women across the world.

This will be a space of reconnection, safety and healing where the divine feminine can be celebrated through all stages of womanhood.

My Yoni Sauna is a space to honour the indigenous ancient ways of women around the world - with respect and great empowerment - to heal our wombs from all the disconnect we as a collective of this time have experienced.


A place to remember that women have the power to heal with the natural ways of Mother Earth and the elements.

To return to, and tend to our sacred cycles. To return to our power and to find peace within our journey as the descendants that have gone through generations of trauma connected to the womb​...

From the first period to the transition into womanhood towards the journey into elder wisdom, it is an important tool for self-care.


Keeping our cycles in alignment with the wisdom of nature

In collaboration with Mother Earth, we combine her gifts, the natural elements, of fire (heat), air (to facilitate steam droplets), earth (herbs) and water in an ages old, ancient self-care and healing technique called vaginal steaming /yoni steaming / peri-steam hydrotherapy / vaginal hydrotherapy. 


Carmen Grobler

England - Norfolk

Coming to England meant a reawakening in many ways but it was mostly through my love for natural healing and the wild environment around me that showed the way. When I longed for home (Limpopo South Africa) - the English countryside assured me such beauty and abundance to nurture and embrace. I started to forage my own herbs to customise my own yoni-steaming and I knew I wanted to spread the word around to empower women I meet on my path.

The plant wisdom kept coming and so did the glass jars filled with wildflower magic. Learning so much from the women around me has confirmed the importance of sisterhood and how the development of My Yoni Sauna will serve such true purpose to all involved. 


Adèle Grobler - Founder

South Africa - Gauteng

Through yoni steaming I have managed to be even more connected to my daughter where I am reminded that even with distance between us we have so much to offer through the divine feminine. Healing on a holistic level is of great appreciation to natural wisdom that have resurfaced in my time here on Earth.

My services include a range of complementary healing with modalities to empower and embrace the holistic make of our beings.

I offer Yoni Steam consultations and sessions, Reflexology/meridian therapy/vacuflex concepts, Psych-K, TRE (Trauma and Tension Releasing Exercises)