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What is vaginal steaming?

Vaginal Steaming is an age old practice of using steam and medicinal herbs to cleanse and heal the vagina and the reproductive organs.


It is a non-invasive and often pleasurable process practiced by many different women around the world. 

Yoni Steaming/vaginal steaming is used to treat gynaecological problems that include cramps, trouble conceiving, infections, fibroids, cysts, dryness, endometriosis, prolapse, low libido, scar tissue, haemorrhoids, sexual abuse recovery...and more

Often referred to as “a little gynaecologist in a box”.

Most commonly, vaginal steaming is used by midwives for postpartum care right after birth. It is also considered a good post period practice for cleaning out old blood and tending to the cycle. 

It is an extremely empowering practice that brings circulation to the body and loving attention to the womb.

What My yoni sauna can offer

Yoni Consultations 

In-person Steam Facilitation

Private group sessions

Women's Circles and Gatherings 

Herbal blends and Support

Wooden Steam Saunas

Small Batch products

Sacred Gifts


From the first period to the transition into womanhood towards the journey into elder wisdom, it is an important tool for self-care.


our herbs:

The herbs in our steam blends are mindfully sourced from high quality dispensaries and local areas of beauty and abundance. The blends are partly wildcrafted as it is very important to hold that connection to the wild beauty that surrounds us and to get our senses involved in the gathering of herbs from our nearer environment and learning more about them and connecting more deeply to Spirit. This creation - that is My Yoni Sauna - will go forward supporting local businesses, getting involved in growing wild medicinal gardens where we as women can come together and tend to and nurture the very plants that will love and nurture us back. 

More Herbal Musings Coming Soon...